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Opel Rekord 2010 Opel Rekord 2010

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verified Verified

Opel Rekord 2010

Car type


Number of seats


Security deposit

106,242 AED


19 years

0-100 km/h acceleration

5.0 sec


30 ads

5 hours

AED 247


AED 273

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4 reasons to rent a car in Dubai on the IMPYREX platform

1. A wide range of cars of popular brands. The list is really impressive: BMW, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Lexus, Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes, Ferrari. The site features an extensive catalog of luxury cars that will undoubtedly enhance your city travels.

2. The possibility of renting a car in the UAE with a driver. This service is relevant for airport transfers, as well as for long-distance journeys, organizing business meetings. In addition, we should not forget about people who do not like to drive themselves or have not yet obtained a driving license.

3. A service that guarantees delivery of an elite car to any delivery point (all locations are presented on the website). You can also pick up a car from the branch (during working hours) or from the airport (additional payment for parking is required).

4. Minimum package of documents. Residents of the UAE need a driving license of this country to rent a premium car in Dubai. In some cases, an Emirates ID card or residency permit may be required. Tourists additionally provide a passport, visa (entry stamp is mandatory), valid driving license of the country of residence.

What is the minimum age for renting a car in the UAE?

We adhere to the minimum age set by the RTA, which is 21 years old. However, age requirements may vary, as it depends on the vehicle insurance policy. All additional information about car rental in the United Arab Emirates you can inquire with the service provider company.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?

It is important to understand that renting a luxury car in Dubai is, first of all, a service for those people who value their comfort and want to showcase their status. In addition, you can enjoy all the sights and buildings of the city on your own schedule. You are not tied to public transport, you do not have to wait for a taxi. All your questions are resolved here and now.

Interested in car rental in Dubai? Book online through the IMPYREX platform, which offers premium luxury cars directly from suppliers. There are no commissions and overpayments: only the guarantee of unforgettable emotions. In addition, all presented cars are in perfect technical condition.

Through IMPYREX anyone can conveniently book any luxury car online.. The exquisite interior and additional features deserve special attention to ensure all your trips across the UAE are unforgettable. Prices for car rental in Dubai are displayed immediately on the website for a day and a week. They depend on seasonality, rental duration, and car brand.

Various payment methods are provided, from cryptocurrency to cash, and from credit to debit cards. The website's functionality even allows you to choose the desired car color. The result is that with just a few clicks you will rent a luxury sports car, convertible, or any other car.

The UAE is a country of unique opportunities. It's important to feel comfortable amidst luxurious skyscrapers and elite cars. IMPYREX is here to help - a platform where you can rent a car that many people can see only in pictures.

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